Classification Of Carton Packaging

Carton Packaging Can Be Divided Into Many Types According To Different Classification Standards, The Following Are Common Types Of Classification:

Classification According To Material: The Material Of Carton Packaging Can Be A Variety Of Paper, Such As White Cardboard, Black Cardboard, Gray Cardboard, Gold Cardboard, Silver Cardboard, Kraft Paper, Corrugated Paper, Single-Coppered Paper, Double-Coppered Paper, Special Paper, Stickers And So On. Among Them, Coated Paper And Kraft Paper Are The Most Commonly Used Materials, Because It Has Good Load-Bearing Capacity And Protection.

Classification According To Process: Carton Packaging Can Be Classified According To The Processing Technology, Such As Folding Carton, Paste Carton, Drawer Box, Flap Box, Sky And Earth Cover Box, Gift Box, Plug Carton And So On. Among Them, Folding Carton Is The Most Commonly Used One, Because It Can Be Conveniently Stored And Transported, And Also Can Be Adjusted And Changed Shape According To The Needs, And The Most Commonly Used One Is The Sky And Earth Cover Box, Because Of Its Simple Structure And Practicality By The Public Like.

Classification According To Function: Carton Packaging Can Be Classified According To Its Function, Such As Gift Carton, Food Carton, Medicine Carton, Skin Care Gift Box, Fruit Gift Box And So On. Different Carton Packaging Has Different Features And Uses To Meet The Protection And Display Needs Of Different Commodities, And We Can Customize It According To Your Products.
In Addition To The Above Three Classifications, Carton Packaging Can Also Be Classified According To Its Shape, Color, Pattern And Other Characteristics, Different Classifications For Different Application Scenarios And Needs.

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