Carton Packaging Design Principles

The Design Of Carton Packaging Should Follow Certain Principles To Ensure That The Packaging Is Beautiful, Protective And Convenient. The Following Are The Design Principles Of Carton Packaging:

In Line With Product Features: The Color, Pattern, Text, Process And So On Should Be Consistent With The Product Features To Increase The Aesthetics Of The Product.

Effective Protection Of Goods: The Structure Of The Carton Packaging Should Be Able To Effectively Protect The Goods To Prevent Damage And Deformation In Transit.

Easy To Carry And Open: Carton Packaging Should Be Easy To Carry And Open, So That Consumers Can Use.

Ergonomics: The Size And Shape Of The Carton Package Should Be Ergonomic So That Consumers Can Comfortably Hold And Carry.

Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable: Carton Packaging Should Use Fsc Certified And Sustainable Raw Materials And Processes To Minimize The Impact On The Environment.

Increase Added Value: Carton Packaging Should Be Able To Increase The Added Value Of The Product, Such As Providing High-Quality Printing Processes And Decorations To Enhance The Grade And Value Of The Product.

These Design Principles Should Always Be Followed Throughout The Packaging Design Process To Ensure The Final Quality And Effectiveness Of The Carton Packaging.

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